13 EastEnders spoilers for next week

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEnders, Theo shocks Stacey as Lily gives birth, while Ian exposes Freddie and Anna's secret, and Ben faces an emotional day.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Eve and Martin learn the truth

martin fowler, eve unwin, eastenders

Theo is convinced he can take his relationship with Stacey to the next level as he celebrates his new job with her at No.31.

Eve and Martin are horrified when they learn more about Theo and realise he is definitely Stacey's stalker.

2. Theo reveals his identity

theo hawthorne, eastenders

An oblivious Stacey tends to Lily, who isn't feeling well. While Stacey is distracted, Theo intercepts Martin's warning messages on her phone.

Realising his time is up, Theo hides Stacey's phone, before revealing all to her.

Fear quickly sets in for Stacey, who tries to find a way to get him out of the house as Lily's waters break.

3. Lily gives birth

lily slater, eastenders

Jean arrives to discover that Lily is in full-blown labour.

With the ambulance delayed, Jean and Stacey prepare to help Lily deliver the baby at home.

4. Stacey is in danger

stacey slater and theo hawthorne in eastenders

As Stacey heads to the kitchen for some towels, she is shocked to be met by an incensed Theo, who is back inside the house.

Stacey remains trapped in the kitchen, while an oblivious Jean attempts to support Lily through labour.

5. Gina and Anna refuse to forgive Cindy

gina knight, anna knight, eastenders

Cindy tries to make amends with her daughters at The Vic, but Gina humiliates her.

Ian reassures Cindy afterwards, and promises her a new business to get Gina and Anna on side.

6. Freddie wrestles with guilt

freddie slater, alfie moon, eastenders

Freddie struggles with his guilt over sleeping with Anna, but there is clearly a spark between the pair.

Freddie confides in Alfie, who convinces him to keep it secret for Bobby's sake.

7. Ben and Lexi face an emotional day

ben mitchell, lexi mitchell, eastenders

It's an emotional day for Ben and Lexi as they prepare for her first day of secondary school.

Ben heads to The Vic to drown his sorrows but is summoned home by Callum to comfort Lexi.

Ben encourages his daughter to open up and Lexi begins to get excited about her first day of school. Callum is left worried afterwards, but Ben insists he's okay.

8. Ian looks to the future

ian beale, eastenders

Peter persuades Ian to try and make amends with Kathy, but Rocky isn't buying any of it.

Ian later has a brainwave about a new plan and invites Nish over for lunch, hoping he'll be an investor.

9. Ricky makes a big decision

ricky mitchell, jack branning, eastenders
Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron - BBC

Ricky makes a decision about his future after Lily gives birth to his baby.

Jack is emotional when Ricky reveals that he's changing his last name from Mitchell to Branning.

10. Ian faces a setback

ian beale, alfie moon, eastenders

Ian's business lunch with Suki and Nish doesn't go to plan, and it's not long before any potential deal is off the table.

Cindy then heads to No.41 in a bid to persuade Nish to rethink.

Ian is desperate to progress his business deal with Nish and invites him to the café for a taster menu. Without a plan, Ian ropes in Alfie for help instead.

When Nish rearranges, Ian and Alfie have a heart-to-heart about Ian's current insecurities.

11. Peter tries to build bridges

ian beale, peter beale, eastenders

Peter tries to make amends with Gina and Anna, who are shocked to learn that he knew nothing about their existence until recently.

Peter also tries to fix things between Bobby and Anna, leaving Freddie feeling uncomfortable.

At The Vic, Freddie quickly makes his excuses and sits separately, consumed by guilt over betraying Bobby.

12. Reiss faces a setback

sonia fowler, reiss colwell, eastenders

Sonia and Reiss head to their first fertility appointment, but Reiss feels intimidated by the situation.

Reiss is later upset when his fertility becomes the talk of the town, following a run-in with Karen at the laundrette.

Sonia comforts Reiss and reassures him that he'll be a wonderful dad.

13. Ian exposes Freddie and Anna's secret

ian beale, alfie moon, eastenders

Ian tells Alfie about his concerns regarding Bobby and Anna's budding relationship, prompting Alfie to reveal all about her one-night stand with Freddie.

Ian agrees to keep it a secret, but struggles to follow through with his promise when George belittles him in front of Nish in The Vic.

Angry, Ian blurts out the news in front of Bobby, unaware Cindy is watching too.

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