13 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

In next week's Coronation Street, Daniel is out for revenge after rumbling Daisy and Ryan's affair.

Elsewhere, Bernie gets sentenced to three months in prison, while Evelyn makes a dangerous new enemy.

Here's a look at the 13 big moments coming up.

1. Ryan eyes up a new job

daniel osbourne, daisy, ryan, coronation street

Ryan is looking to the future as he tells Crystal he's considering a job opportunity at the gym. She makes out she's happy for him, but later tells Daisy and Daniel she's moving to Glasgow for work.

Valuing the couple's opinion, Crystal reveals she's planning on asking Ryan if he'll leave Weatherfield and join her in Scotland.

2. Ryan and Daisy are caught on camera

ryan connor, daisy midgeley, coronation street

With his heart still set on being with Daisy, Ryan tells Crystal he's keeping his options open and going ahead with his job interview.

Crystal's confused by her boyfriend's mixed signals, but the penny drops when she witnesses him blanking Daisy in the café.

After being confronted by suspicious Crystal, Daisy dashes over to Ryan's to warn him she's onto them.

The lovers start discussing their affair, unaware that Ryan's camera is switched on and recording their entire conversation.

3. Daniel discovers the truth

coronation street

When Simon arrives back at the flat, Daisy makes a swift exit and Ryan heads out to work.

Left alone, the curious lad has a peek at Ryan's camera and is shocked by what he finds.

Moments later, Daniel receives a text from Simon containing a link to Ryan and Daisy's incriminating video. Pressing play, Daniel's world falls part as he discovers his fiancée's betrayal.

4. Daniel plots his revenge

daniel osbourne, daisy midgeley, coronation street

Having expected all hell to break loose, Simon is shocked when Daniel decides to forget about Daisy cheating and move on.

But the teacher's mood switches when Ryan reveals he's been offered the gym job and will be sticking around in Weatherfield.

Consumed with jealous rage, Daniel swipes Simon's keys and lets himself into the flat, where he heads straight for Ryan's bedroom. What does he have planned?

5. Bernie gets sent down

bernie winter, coronation street

Bernie's loved ones are devastated when she's sentenced to three months in prison for handling stolen goods, and told she'll have to serve at least half of the term.

Angry Gemma is out for revenge and lures Big Garth to Victoria Street, but is she about to make matters worse?

Gemma's woes continue back at Number 5 when Joseph complains of headache, and then Caitlin arrives to find the family in total chaos.

6. Ches has news for Gemma

chesney brown and gemma winter in coronation street

Gemma's reckless behaviour pushes Chesney to his limit and he ends up having a go at his wife.

He soon regrets losing his temper and apologises, telling Gemma how much her loves her as she falls sobbing into his arms.

Chesney then reveals Joseph's gran Linda is coming to stay, but the prospect fills Gemma with complete dread.

7. Isla makes a play for Asha

isla, asha alahan, coronation street

Asha is surprised when Isla declares she wants to ditch their study session in favour of getting drunk in the Bistro.

As the booze flows, a tipsy Isla leans in to Asha and explains that she's fed up with men and is thinking of dating women instead.

Nina then walks into the bar and is horrified to find her girlfriend giggling and holding hands with Isla over the table.

8. Asha discovers Nina's secret

asha alahan, coronation street

Following their chat, Isla admits to Asha she has feelings for her but thinks she should switch mentors out of respect for Nina.

Later, Nina's worst fears are confirmed when Asha reveals the truth about Isla's crush. Needing to keep Asha close, she skips covering Shona's shift at the café, and offers to help out in the shop.

But Nina has got some explaining to do when Asha has a sneaky scroll through her mobile and makes a shocking discovery.

9. Evelyn makes an enemy

evelyn plummer, terry fensley, coronation street

Evelyn is appalled when she witnesses a man mistreating his dog on the cobbles and decides to give him a piece of her mind.

As Evelyn lays into Terry, the dog's owner, Roy comes to her aid and is able to use her phone to record his aggressive outburst.

Evelyn shows the video footage to Tyrone, who takes action by reporting Terry to the police.

10. Evelyn steals Terry's dog

evelyn plummer, roy cropper, terry fensley, coronation street

Next morning, Evelyn admits she hasn't been able to sleep a wink worrying about Terry's defenceless pooch.

Later, Terry pulls his van up outside and Evelyn watches on as he walks away, leaving his distressed dog alone in the vehicle.

Taking action, Evelyn breaks into the van and snatches the animal. Will Terry catch her?

11. Cassie leads Hope astray

cassie plummer, coronation street

It's Hope's 13th birthday and Cassie is determined the teen should celebrate in style. So after encouraging Hope to bunk off school she takes her into town to get her nose pierced.

Tyrone is furious when the pair return home sporting matching piercings, but finding out Cassie allowed Hope to skip school is the final straw.

Losing his temper, Ty tells Hope she's grounded – for a whole month.

12. Stu makes festive plans

stu carpenter, coronation street

With the season of goodwill approaching, Roy suggests to Stu that he should make amends with Dom and Eliza and invite them over for turkey and trimmings.

But when Stu discovers his granddaughter has made other plans, he tells Yasmeen they should go ahead and open the restaurant on Christmas Day.

13. Lauren gets a special delivery

shona platt, max turner, laurencoronation street

It looks as if it's Lauren's lucky day when she receives a parcel containing a sparkly necklace.

Later, the troubled teen calls into the café wearing her new piece of jewellery, which prompts Shona and Max to ask where she got it from.

Lauren reveals it's a gift from her moneybags boyfriend, who's planning on taking her out for a meal in town.

Will they see through her lie?

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