12 Tito's Gift Sets To Add A Twist To Your Holiday Beverages

Tito's bottle and martini glass
Tito's bottle and martini glass - Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

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As the holiday season approaches, the search for the perfect gift takes center stage. For those with Tito's Handmade Vodka enthusiasts on their gift list, our comprehensive guide is here to help you make a choice that's sure to be a hit. We've scoured the market for the best Tito's gift selections, considering factors like overall value, cost, the contents included, and customer reviews, to compile a list of top Tito's gift sets that cater to a variety of preferences and budgets.

Tito's Handmade Vodka, based in Austin, Texas is known for its premium quality. It's pot-stilled in Texas, and distilled six times to ensure exceptional smoothness. Its handmade appeal (which has been disputed in court, given the scale of production) and its versatility in cocktails make it an excellent choice for gifting to vodka fans who appreciate spirit quality and craftsmanship. From budget-friendly options to luxurious choices, our guide has something for everyone, ensuring your Tito's-loving friends and family feel the warmth of the holiday season in every sip. Read on to explore the perfect Tito's gift sets to make this festive season one to remember!

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Best Overall

Tito's vodka gift basket
Tito's vodka gift basket - Spirited Gifts

Looking for a holiday gift that's sure to delight any vodka enthusiast? The Tito's Handmade Vodka Cocktail Gift Set is one of our top picks for this season. Priced at $79, this package is a fantastic choice for those seeking a thoughtful gift under $100. This gift set includes a 200 ml bottle of Tito's Vodka, celebrated by vodka fans for its smooth quality. It also includes three Stirrings Mixers in cosmopolitan, dirty martini, and Moscow mule flavors, allowing your recipient to easily create their own cocktails. We like the variety of the mixers, as they are classic pairings for vodka. The variety makes the gift box a good choice for any vodka fan, regardless if you are familiar with their cocktail preferences or not.

The full-sized beehive cocktail shaker included in the gift set adds a touch of sophistication and the wooden gift box not only looks attractive but also ensures your gift stands out under the tree. To make it even more special, you have the option to include additional items like glassware, cigars, mule cups, or a liquor bottle stopper for an additional charge. This set is our overall choice because it is a versatile, thoughtful, and inclusive gift for anyone, regardless of which iconic vodka cocktail is their favorite.

Best For Brunchers

Tito's bloody mary kit
Tito's bloody mary kit - Spirited Gifts

Our top choice for a bruncher's gift set this holiday season is the Tito's Vodka Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit. This package is a brunch enthusiast's dream. Inside this gift set, you'll find a 375 ml bottle of Tito's Handmade Vodka, of course. But the stars of the show are all of the additional items you'll need to craft a fantastic Bloody Mary. The gift box includes a beer can-style glass with a lid and straw, Filthy Pickle stuffed olives, two Filthy Bloody Mary mix pouches, a mini Tabasco sauce, a mini Tajin with lime seasoning, a Slim Jim Tabasco-seasoned smoked snack stick, and a Riff's Smokehouse sweet and spicy meat candy, all neatly packaged in a wooden gift box.

What sets this gift set apart is its focus on the best aspect of any brunch experience — the Bloody Mary. It's perfect for friends or family members who enjoy a leisurely brunch or simply appreciate a well-crafted Bloody Mary cocktail. The kit is affordably priced at $59, making it an excellent budget-friendly gift. Plus, you have the option to enhance the experience by adding glassware, cigars, or other accessories. We also like that this kit is highly reviewed on the Spirited Gifts website.

With its wide array of ingredients, this gift box is a surefire way to please those on your list who enjoy savoring the flavors of a Bloody Mary while brunching with friends and family.

Best For Vodka Purists

Tito's vodka personalized bottle
Tito's vodka personalized bottle - Spirited Gifts

For those who appreciate the purity of a classic vodka experience, our pick is the customized bottle of Tito's Handmade Vodka. This gift is all about simplicity and authenticity, catering to recipients who prefer the real thing. This customized bottle features a realistic, personalized sticker consistent with Tito's labeling, adding a personal spin on the iconic brand. The 750 ml size offers a substantial amount of Tito's Handmade Vodka, ensuring that your gift is as generous as it is thoughtful.

Priced at $99, this gift is a statement of quality and authenticity. The personalization of three lines of text adds an extra layer of sentiment that's hard to beat for any Tito's fan. To make this gift even more special, you have the option to add accessories like cigars, glassware, a wooden box, or other gift basket items for an additional cost. If you're still not sold, look no further than the glowing reviews it has received. With a perfect five-star rating on Spirited Gifts, it's evident that people appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift. Reviewers have praised the ease of ordering, great packaging, and the genuine appeal of a personalized bottle of Tito's.

For those on your holiday list who value the unadulterated beauty of Tito's Handmade Vodka, this customized bottle is a standout choice for the vodka purist in your life.

Best For Fans Of Moscow Mules

Tito's moscow mule gift set
Tito's moscow mule gift set - Spirited Gifts

Our next pick, the Tito's Vodka Moscow Mule Cocktail Gift Set from Spirited Gifts, is sure to make any mule lover's holiday. Priced at $99, this gift set includes everything needed to craft the perfect Moscow mule. At the heart of this gift set is a 750 ml bottle of Tito's Handmade Vodka, which is the foundation of any Moscow mule and adds smooth flavor to the classic cocktail. To complete the Moscow mule experience, the set also includes three cans of Q Ginger Beer, a premium mixer that ideally complements Tito's vodka perfectly.

The package is rounded out with two 14-ounce copper mugs, adding a touch of class to the mule-drinking experience. These mugs are not only functional but also beautifully crafted. We like that this gift set offers good value for the price. For under $100, you're able to give the gift of an entire Moscow mule experience, all neatly packaged and ready to enjoy. To make it even more personal, you have the option to have the Tito's bottle engraved for an additional $45. You can also enhance the gift by adding extra items like cigars for an additional charge.

Whether you're shopping for a seasoned Moscow mule connoisseur or someone just discovering the joy of this classic cocktail, this gift set is a fantastic choice. It's an all-in-one package that combines quality, affordability, and a touch of personalization to create the ultimate Moscow mule experience.

Best Gift Basket Alternative

Tito's vodka gift basket
Tito's vodka gift basket - Spirited Gifts

For those who appreciate the tradition of giving gift baskets but want to add a distinctive Tito's touch, the Tito's Handmade Vodka Gift Basket is the perfect choice. This classic present brings together the richness of Tito's Handmade Vodka with an assortment of delectable snacks, making it a versatile gift for anyone on your list, whether it's a close friend or a coworker. The gift set includes a 750 ml bottle of Tito's Handmade Vodka, the perfect spirit to share with friends during the holiday season. The basket is rounded out with a mouthwatering assortment of quality nuts, chocolates, pretzels, truffles, candies, and cheeses. It's a delightful combination of sweet and savory, ensuring there's something for everyone's taste buds.

Priced at $99, this gift is a great way to express your appreciation for loved ones without spending more than $100. To make it even more special, those with a higher budget can choose to upgrade the package with options such as bottle engraving, added glassware or accessories, or even cigars for an additional charge. Whether you're giving it to a close friend or an acquaintance, the thoughtful combination of Tito's Handmade Vodka and an assortment of traditional gift basket treats is sure to leave a lasting impression. It's a classic gift with a Tito's twist that embodies the spirit of the season and the joy of sharing.

Best Luxury Option

TIto's vodka personalized bottle
TIto's vodka personalized bottle - Spirited Gifts

For those in pursuit of the ultimate luxury gift, our choice is the Tito's Handmade Vodka Personalized Bottle from Spirited Gifts. This 750 ml bottle takes personalization to a whole new level, with custom etching to make it the ideal opulent present for vodka enthusiasts. The standout feature of this gift is the bottle customization. Unlike standard personalized sticker labels, this bottle is engraved using a sandblasting process, elevating it to a level of luxury that shows you truly care. The result is a beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind bottle that will stand out at any home bar.

With the option to label the bottle with a name, a short message, and the city and state, you can create a truly unique and personalized gift. It's the ideal way to show your appreciation for any Tito's fan. At $120, this luxury engraved bottle is a statement piece designed to leave a lasting impression. We also like that you have the option to add additional items, from glassware and cigars to gift basket snack items. This gift is perfect for those looking to make a big impact and is ideal for those who want to show extra thoughtfulness and generosity during the holiday season.

Best Budget-Friendly Option

Tito's bandana, koozie, sunglasses
Tito's bandana, koozie, sunglasses - Tito's

Great gifts don't always have to break the bank, and our top choice for a budget-friendly Tito's gift is the Tito's #SquadGoals Kit from the official Tito's merch store. Priced at just $22, this kit brings together Tito's fandom and functionality, making it an ideal choice for those looking to spread some Tito's love without breaking the budget.

This gift set is all about decking out your squad with Tito's essentials that add a dash of flair to your holiday gatherings. The kit includes four pairs of black sunglasses, four black bandanas, and four black koozies, all branded with Tito's logos and colors. These essentials not only showcase your love for the brand but also serve a practical purpose, which we all appreciate during the holidays. For a mere $22, you get four separate gifts, making it a fantastic choice for your Tito's-loving family and friends. It's a fun and affordable way to share the Tito's spirit.

To take this gift to the next level, consider buying miniature bottles of Tito's at your local liquor store and creating a mini gift basket for each of your recipients. This extra touch adds a personal twist and ensures your gift is a memorable and enjoyable one.

Best Gift To Stock The Bar

Tito's vodka barware gift set
Tito's vodka barware gift set - Tito

Whether it's a college student, a new homeowner, or someone making their first venture into the world of home bartending, the Tito's Home Bar Hero Kit from the Tito's official online store is the perfect gift. This comprehensive kit includes everything needed to kickstart a home bar, making it an ideal choice for those just beginning their mixology journey.

This kit is designed to cater to aspiring home bartenders by providing all the essential tools and accessories they'll need to create great Tito's cocktails. Inside the gift set, you'll find a Tito's Taster Lapel Pin, a Tito's Shaker & Pint Glass Set, two Tito's shot glasses, and a Tito's Bar Key. It's a well-rounded selection that covers the basics for mixing up drinks in style. The gift set is not only functional but also beautifully presented in a copper box, making it gift-ready and ensuring a memorable unboxing experience.

Priced at $90, this kit strikes the perfect balance between affordability and value. It's an investment in the recipient's journey into mixology and adds a touch of sophistication to their home bar setup. We like this thoughtful and practical gift for all Tito's aficionados.

Best For Mixologists

Tito's vodka copper barware set
Tito's vodka copper barware set - Tito

For the creative mixologist in your life, the Tito's Copper Cocktail Hour Kit is a statement gift that brings sophistication and style to their home bar. This set is perfect for seasoned mixologists and those just starting out, as it includes a range of copper bar accessories with unique Tito's branding. This gift set contains an array of copper bar tools, including a 28-ounce Tito's shaker, a 16-ounce Tito's pint glass, a Tito's jigger, a Tito's muddler, a Tito's strainer, and a Tito's bar spoon. Each piece is crafted with quality and style in mind, making it the ultimate addition to any mixologist's arsenal.

The unique Tito's branding and copper finish help set this kit apart and makes it a standout gift for even the most discerning mixologist. No matter who you're shopping for, it's unlikely that the recipient already has Tito's branded bar accessories in this distinctive color scheme. Best of all, it's all presented in a Tito's copper gift box. This set is not only a collection of top-quality tools but also a beautifully packaged gift ready for gifting.

Priced at $100, the Tito's Copper Cocktail Hour Kit is a premium gift that elevates the recipient's home bar experience. Whether you're gifting to a creative cocktail enthusiast or someone just starting their mixology journey, this kit is the perfect way to make a big statement and add a touch of luxury to their home bar.

Best For Stocking Stuffers

Miniature Tito's vodka bottles set
Miniature Tito's vodka bottles set - Target

If you're searching for the perfect stocking stuffer or a thoughtful addition to multiple Tito's fans' gifts, the Tito's Handmade Vodka 12-Pack from ReserveBar is the ideal choice. This 12-pack of 50ml bottles is designed to bring a small touch of Tito's joy to any gift this holiday season.

These mini bottles are the perfect size for stockings, adding a delightful surprise for Tito's enthusiasts during the holidays. Priced at just $26 for a 12-pack, they're an affordable and charming way to share the Tito's spirit with friends and family. Each 50 ml bottle is sized just right for single servings. It is versatile and can be used to craft single Tito's signature drinks or enjoyed straight, making these bottles a versatile and convenient addition to any celebration.

This set is a thoughtful way to share the love of Tito's Handmade Vodka during the holiday season. It's a sip of joy for all and adds a special touch to the festivities.

Best For Spouses

Tito's vodka and chocolate gift set
Tito's vodka and chocolate gift set - Liquor Geeks

For your partner or spouse, there's no better way to express your love and appreciation than with the Tito's Handmade Vodka Gift Set. Offered by Liquor Geeks, this gift set combines the charm of Tito's Handmade Vodka with the decadence of Godiva chocolate truffles, creating a truly romantic and Tito's-themed experience.

This gift set includes a bottle of Tito's Handmade Vodka paired with a selection of indulgent Godiva chocolate truffles, adding a touch of luxury and sweetness to your holiday. However, what makes this set truly special is its customizability. If your partner prefers a different chocolate, you can opt for regular Godiva chocolate, Ferrero chocolate, See's dark chocolate, or even flowers to suit their taste.

This gift set is highly rated by former customers, making it a solid choice. At $109.99, this gift set is a thoughtful combination of Tito's and chocolate indulgence, creating an unforgettable experience for your partner.

Best Last-Minute Gift Idea

Tito's Moscow mule cup
Tito's Moscow mule cup - Amazon

When you're in need of a thoughtful last-minute gift for the Tito's vodka fan in your life, the Tito's Handmade Copper Mule Mug is a great choice. Available on Amazon Prime, this stylish and practical gift can be delivered within just a couple of days, ensuring you don't miss showing your love during the holidays.

This Tito's branded mule mug is a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast. The mug boasts a 4.9 rating on Amazon, and it's appreciated by gift givers for being heavy-duty and made partially with stainless steel, making it easier to clean and maintain compared to 100% copper mugs. With its availability on Amazon Prime, you can rest assured that this gift will arrive just in time for those last-minute holiday parties and get-togethers.

To make it a complete and delightful gift set, simply pair it with a bottle of Tito's from your local liquor store.

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