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A Technology Addiction

I love taking photos to document important life moments as much as the next person. I'll even admit that if I'm at an Instagrammable spot, I might take a few extra shots to make sure I get the right one.

The key thing here is to recognize when usage becomes addiction. If the amount of time you're spending on your phone or on social media outweighs the amount of time you're connecting with your loved one, it's time for a change.

Technology lets us stay connected with those we love but it should never take us away from the present. If social media usage or being on your phone consumes a moment entirely, it can leave your partner feeling left out. If it's a pattern, the behavior can leave them feeling disconnected from the relationship entirely.

To help you break this habit, you can try downloading an app that locks the apps on your phone (except for emergency calls) during specific times of the day, like date night. You might be surprised by how a small change can drastically improve communication in your relationship.

12 Things to Give Up If You Want a Healthy Relationship

Building healthy, sustainable relationships requires work and commitment. But it's these very relationships that can teach us how to be better people and make all that we experience and encounter in life that much more beautiful. It might not always be easy, but being mindful and making proactive adjustments to accommodate what your relationship needs can make a huge difference with both short- and long-term impacts. Here are 12 simple things to give up to make your romantic bonds stronger. You might even notice some of these things can cross over to help strengthen relationships with your friends and family, too.


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