12 Ice Cream Float Recipes That Are as Refreshing as They Are Indulgent

Megan duBois

Ice cream floats have been around for ages, gaining serious popularity in the time of the soda jerk and soda fountains of the 1940s and '50s. They're still a beloved treat to enjoy during the summertime, but the flavors and options to choose from have come a long way! Gone are the days of just the classic root beer float with vanilla ice cream - thanks to some creative foodies out there, we can all experience ice cream floats with flavors like cherry limeade, Dr. Pepper, and even caramel macchiato. There are a ton of delicious and refreshing options for ice cream floats, and you can even make them boozy by adding a shot of your favorite alcohol or ditching the soda and making a float with beer! Keep reading for a list of tasty ice cream floats to whip up at home this summer.

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