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Rembrandt Sonic Whitening Toothbrush + Brush Heads

Chances are he's had little time to himself, and many of the things he regularly did to take care of himself have likely fallen by the wayside. Getting him the Rembrandt Sonic Whitening Toothbrush + Brush Heads ($65) is an easy way for him to get a little self care in during the day.

12 Gifts That Are Perfect For the New Dad in Your Life

If you know someone with a new baby on the way or perhaps a first-timer whose baby was recently born, chances are that a bulk of the prebirth celebrations surrounded around the mom and baby. But dads need some attention too. Whether you think the guy could use some R&R, a cocktail to call his own, or just a little bit of love, we found 20 gifts that are perfect for the new pop in your life.


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