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12 Gift Ideas For the Dad Who Says He Wants Nothing

The same thing happens every December. You call home to find out what cousin Bobby wants and what sort of Legos your nephew is into, and then you get to Dad. You ask him if there's anything he wants, and he sighs. It's a long sigh, with a long pause after it because he wants to make sure you heard the sigh, and then he makes some joke about wanting your mom to stop buying gaudy three-foot Santas. And then you give him the ol', "Come on, Dad," and before you can squeeze an inkling of an idea out of him, someone screams for him in the background because Santa fell.

Since your dad regularly tells you he wants nothing, and you end up ignoring him anyway, we have a few gift ideas to help out this year. Whether you want to wrap up something useful or funny or just get him an experience, we have you covered.


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