11 surprising foods that go with rosé

Carly Williams
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Think pink!

That’s been the vibe since the Rosè renaissance, or the Rosèsance if you will.

Was is it about the millennial-pink-hued-drink that has caused such a stir? Is it the Instagram virality? Or the (former) Hollywood power couples releasing their own brand (ahem, we’re looking at you, Brange.) Or is it that the sunset-toned bevy goes with just about any food item?

We found the best blushing couples. Photo: Getty

Due to its crisp and refreshing nature, rosè is teamed perfectly with many-a-dish and will rarely overpower flavours in your meal.  Here are 11 of the best foods to eat with your chilled Rosè.

Charcuterie board

Medium-bodied dry rosés are nicely teamed with cold cuts and a cheese board. Invite the girls over for a Saturday afternoon vino and spread of truffle salami, sheep’s cheese, freshly shaved prosciutto and rustic pâtés and terrines.  Amp up the colour on your board with Sicilian green olives, grapes and strawberries.

Pickles and olives will up the colour pops on your spread. – perfect with a Kim Crawford Rosè Photo: Getty

Salmon and Dill

Barbeque pieces of salmon with the skin on for more flavour and finish with fresh lemon and sprinkled dill.  The perfect summer dish to accompany Kim Crawford Rosè.

Stinky Cheese

Anything with a white or orange rind is a serious flavour match for rosè.  The experts suggest having the cheese firm rather than let it get melty and runny. We say, enjoy how you please, gooey cheese is delicious after all.

Lamb meatballs with tzatziki

Don’t be afraid to pair your rosé with red meat. Something light like cumin-spiced meatballs go well with a fresh cucumber, red onion and tomato salad.

Barramundi tacos (with a touch of chipotle)

Rub a barra fillet with a little butter and fry in a pan or on the BBQ. While your fish is cooking, pickle shredded red cabbage in a dish of fresh lime juice for extra crunch on your taco. Swish a teaspoon of mayo and chipotle sauce together in a dish for an easy sauce. The bite of the chilli is washed down perfectly with a Kim Crawford Rosè.

Kim Crawford Rosè and tacos make the perfect summer dish. Photo: Getty


For the easiest cocktail in the world add raspberries, blueberries and strawberries to a glass of rosè. The plump little fruits soak up the perfect amount of alcohol to create a boozie treat when your drink is finished.


Most people reach for the white when eating oysters but the acidity of rosé balances out the brine-taste of the oysters.

Watermelon and feta salad

A blush-coloured meal for a blush-coloured drink! The marriage of sweet watermelon chunks, creamy crumbled feta and a tart rosè is the hottest ménage à trois of 2019.  Throw in Capers for extra pops of salt.

Watermelon salad with tomato, feta cheese, red onion and basil. Yum. Photo: Getty

Carrot cake

Root vegetables and rosé might seem a bit random but the sweetness of carrots and the spice of nutmeg and cinnamon in a classic carrot cake makes for a power combination.    

French-style mussels

The soupy, garlicy taste of the coast will have you thinking of the birthplace of rosé: Provincial France. The light-yet-gently-oily flavours of the mussels will enhance the charms of rosé for sure. 

Anything with chili

Too much acidity or tannin in a wine can wash away spice and sometimes too much sugar in wine can bring out spice too much! Rosé is the ideal middle-man to balance with a spicy dish. Zing! 

Head to your nearest liquor store to treat yourself to Kim Crawford Rosé. Available at BWS, Liquorland, First Choice and IGA Victoria.

Chilli is the surprising food that goes perfectly with rose. Photo: Getty

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