11 Home and Away spoilers for next week

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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next weekChannel 5

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Coming up on Home and Away, Cash faces off with Felicity's attacker Jeremy.

Elsewhere, Kirby helps Theo out of a sticky situation, Irene is missing John's company, and Mali has an important question for Rose.

Here's a full collection of 11 big moments.

1. Kirby and Theo clash

kirby aramoana in home and away
Channel 5

Theo is still annoyed with Kirby for not telling him she could surf. Justin is forced to intervene when the exes wind up in another row.

Remi gives Kirby a stern talking to about the impact her split is having on the band, which makes her decide to try and smooth things over with Theo.

Naturally, Theo has questions he wants answered. Why did Kirby stop surfing if it was her passion? And how come she didn't tell him what was going on?

2. Kirby is honest with Theo

kirby aramoana and theo poulos in home and away
Channel 5

Kirby opens up to Theo about the reason she gave up surfing, explaining that she had a terrifying accident and almost died in the waves.

Theo is grateful for her candour, but expresses his hurt, pointing out he was always honest with Kirby during their time together.

The pair agree to try and move forward and focus on being friends again.

3. Lyrik are in crisis

eden fowler and remi carter in home and away
Channel 5

Lyrik are thrown into panic when the venue for their upcoming gig suddenly cancels. Justin calls an urgent band meeting and reveals he has got them a spot playing at the Palais Metro. However, there's a catch – the booking is for tonight.

Justin insists Lyrik must go ahead with the gig, but there's unrest amongst them as Eden refuses to schmooze with the press and Theo points out they still don't have a title for their album.

After a little coaxing from Remi and Justin, everyone is finally on board, but will the event go to plan?

4. Kirby saves the day

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Channel 5

Despite initial reservations, Lyrik's new album receives a thumbs-up from the crowd at Palais Metro.

Afterwards, nerves get the better of Theo when a journalist grills him over his relative inexperience. Kirby swoops in and saves the day, telling the reporter how brilliant Theo is and answering questions on behalf of all the band.

Theo is grateful for her support, but later admits to Justin how humiliated the experience made him feel.

5. John lets Irene down

irene roberts and john palmer in home and away
Channel 5

Irene is in a better place after confiding in Marilyn about her loneliness and decides to invite John over for dinner.

Leaving work early, she prepares a meal and gets the Scrabble out ready, but then John bails in favour of having a video chat with Jett.

Marilyn clocks Irene's obvious disappointment, and both she and Alf wonder whether she's fallen for her former roomie.

Maz questions Irene, who bites back – insisting she doesn't, or will ever have romantic feelings for John.

6. Irene struggles with loneliness

irene roberts in home and away
Channel 5

Feeling bad about their misunderstanding, Marilyn asks Irene to hers for dinner and a Tarot reading. Marilyn suggests bringing Leah along too, but Irene doesn't take kindly to that idea, declaring that she's no charity case.

Marilyn admits to Mackenzie she fears Irene Is lonely, so the ladies decide to pop over and cheer her up.

Irene is spelling out the word ‘Solitude' on her Scrabble board when Marilyn and Mac arrive with pasta and dessert. She's grateful for their company, but acknowledges she needs to start getting used to being by herself.

7. Felicity plays with fire

embargo 04092023 felicity newman sets a trap for her blackmailer in home and away
Channel 5

Felicity is caught out when Tane discovers she borrowed money from Cash to pay her blackmailer. Horrified by his wife's naivety, Tane reckons it's only a matter of time before the next demand comes in.

He's proven correct when Felicity receives a text from her tormentor demanding another $20,000.

Going behind Tane's back again, Felicity replies to the message and agrees to give her blackmailer what they want.

8. Felicity goes missing

embargo 04092023 felicity newman in home and away
Channel 5

During Lyrik's gig at Palais Metro, Felicity is struck by haunting flashbacks of the night of her assault and has to rush out.

Next morning, Tane wakes up to find Felicity has gone and left a note reading: "I'm not going to be a victim anymore. Please don't hate me."

Meanwhile, Felicity follows her blackmailer's instructions and drops the money Cash left her in a remote bin. Could she be in terrible danger?

9. Felicity's attacker is arrested

embargo 04092023 jeremy in home and away
Channel 5

As Tane raises the alarm over her disappearance, Felicity manages to take some covert snaps of Jeremy, the man who has been terrorising her. Felicity is gripped by the urge to plough her car into him, but stops herself.

The police swoop in and arrest Jeremy, as Cash insists he wants to be the one to interview his sister's tormentor. While he interrogates him, Rose learns from the forensic team that Felicity wasn't Jeremy's first victim.

Jeremy thinks he's going to get off with the help of a lawyer, but the smug smile is wiped off his face when Cash reveals he's Felicity's brother.

10. Mali wants Rose to meet his mum

mali hudson in home and away
Channel 5

Injured Mali has put Xander in charge of his surf lessons, but is finding it tough to let go. His frustrations boil over when Xander forgets to follow the correct procedure, but Mali soon regrets his outburst and invites Xander out for a pizza at Salt.

During the meal, Mali checks his socials and realises his mum has seen a photo of him and Rose. He then receives a text from his sister Elandra saying their mum wants to know who this mystery woman is.

Keen to introduce them, Mali surprises Rose by asking if she wants to meet his mum the next day.

11. John fears for Alf

john palmer confides in alf stewart and ben astoni in home and away
Channel 5

John is concerned Alf is struggling with his hearing after a series of strange mishaps at the surf club.

He calls a staff meeting, but when nobody else shows up Alf sees straight through the ruse.

John gently broaches the subject of Alf's hearing, but finds himself on the receiving end of Alf's legendary short temper.

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