10 sleek skorts that’ll make you ditch your shorts this summer

Ah, the skort—that clever hybrid of skirt and shorts that’s been saving us from wardrobe malfunctions since forever. Ladies, it’s time to embrace this unsung hero of summer fashion that’s making a major comeback. (And not just because of Taylor Swift.) Gone are the days when skorts were reserved for the tennis court or your third-grade gym class. Today’s skorts are chic, versatile, and ready to take you from pickleball to playdates without missing a beat.

Picture this: You’re chasing after your toddler at the park, and suddenly you need to execute a ninja-level slide across the grass to prevent a meltdown. In a regular skirt, this could spell disaster. But in a skort? You’re SuperMom, saving the day without flashing the neighborhood. It’s like having a secret identity, only instead of a cape, you’ve got built-in shorts. (Also, unlike actual shorts, you don’t have to do that dreaded wiggle walk to dislodge them from the areas they don’t belong but always seem to go.)

And let’s talk about those pockets. Finally, fashion that understands we need a place for our phones, keys, and the random assortment of rocks your kid swears are treasures. No more awkward bulges in your waistband or playing the “where did I put my credit card?” game at checkout.

From flirty florals to sleek solids, we’ve rounded up ten skorts that’ll have you feeling like you’ve got your life together (even if your living room looks like a toy store exploded). So whether you’re dominating the pickleball court, navigating the jungle gym, or just trying to look put-together for camp pickup, these skorts have got you covered—literally and figuratively. Let’s dive into the world of skorts, where style meets practicality, and “I can’t, I’m wearing a skirt” becomes a phrase of the past.