10-year-old tour guide delights visitors in Lebanon

STORY: Meet Abdel Rahman al-Farran, known

as the ‘youngest tour guide’ in Sidon

Locator: Sidon, Lebanon

Soon turning 11, Farran started his

after-school gig some two years ago

out of love for his hometown and a desire

to help his sick father with their family's income

(Mustafa al-Sharkawi, Carpenter)

"The boy is very useful to the city. Whoever he sees, he guides people and shows them around. He takes the tourists, foreigners, French, German, and others around, and tours with them."

Farran guides visitors through Sidon's

historical and touristic attractions

(Marsya, Tourist)

"We came here today to see Saida (Sidon) and we met this lovely little boy who showed us the beauty of this lovely city, and he does it full of joy."

(Alessandra, Tourist)

"I am very happy to be here today, to visit Saida (Sidon). It's very nice to have met this great young boy who is showing us the manor and all the paintings in the manor."

He aims to become a professional tour guide,

making a career out of his ‘hobby’