10 Kind Of Cringey Clips From "The Tonight Show" Amid The Jimmy Fallon Allegations

Yesterday, Rolling Stone published a bombshell report in which current and former staffers of The Tonight Show accused Jimmy Fallon of fostering a toxic work environment.

A closeup of Jimmy Fallon adjusting his bowtie

From there, people started looking back at old episodes and unearthed some pretty awkward and cringey moments on the show. Here's some of what they shared, plus more.

1. When Jimmy kept interrupting Dakota Johnson when she was talking about an encounter with a skunk, so she called him out.

Dakota Johnson with her head down as Jimmy says, "I don't know where you're talking about? Where are we?"
Jimmy asks Dakota Johnson "Are you in a cabin somewhere?" to which she replies "Yes"
Jimmy asks Dakota, "And so you go out to walk the dog?"
Dakota says to Jimmy, "Aren't you supposed to let people talk on this show?"

2. When Jimmy tried to give Joaquin Phoenix a nickname because his name was "too long," and Joaquin pushed back.

Jimmy says, "I call you Joaq" and Joaquin replies, "Why?"
Jimmy says ,"Well, your name's Joaquin. I feel like that's too long for me"
Joaquin tells Jimmy, "You can handle it"

3. When Jimmy was way too competitive during a game of Catchphrase with Neil Patrick Harris and two of his audience members. He kept putting down his teammate and mocked him for stumbling over his words during the game.

  NBC / youtube.com
Jimmy says, "I have a tricky, tricky teammate"
Jimmy mocks his teammate's stutter when he says, "I don't know if I'm saying the right answer. I [guessed] gin and tonic, and he goes, 'Y-y-y-yeah"
  NBC / youtube.com
You can watch the moment here at the 2:10 mark.

4. When Jimmy got called out by Martin Short for his "phoniness."

Martin Short said, "This is the greatest show on television because no host in late night pretends to care the way you do"
Martin said, "I mean, NO ONE captures phoniness the way you do. It's a gift"

5. When Jimmy said he didn't call Rami Malek to congratulate him on Bohemian Rhapsody because he didn't have Rami's contact info, and Rami said that wasn't true.

Jimmy said, "If I had your email or your phone number, i would have called you a gazillion time"
Rami Malek said, "You do. You have my email and phone number"
You can see it here at the 1:00 mark.

6. Then when he made a "disgusted" face after Rami touched his hand.

You can see it here at the 6:00 mark.

7. When Jimmy asked Donald Trump if he could mess up his hair instead of challenging him on politics.

The next time I see you, you could be President of the United States. I just want to know if there is something we can do that's not presidential, really"
Jimmy asks, "Can I mess your hair up"
Jimmy running his hand through Donald Trump's hair
You can see the moment here.

8. When Jimmy called RuPaul a drag queen and got put in his place.

  NBC /  youtube.com
  NBC /  youtube.com
RuPaul says, "I am the Queen of Drag!"

9. When Jimmy made fat jokes about Chris Christie, and Chris — who's been open about his weight struggles — called him out.

Jimmy said to Chris Christie, "You look great!"
Chris Christie asked, "If I look great, what the hell with all the jokes every night?"

10. Then Jimmy made another fat joke during a later interview with Chris, after Chris said he'd recently gone for ice cream with Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio, and he briefly walked off the stage.

  NBC / youtube.com
  NBC / youtube.com
  NBC / youtube.com
Chris Christie said, "I gotta tell you, if I ever leave public life, you're gonna have to hire two writers just to replace the garbage you say about me. It's unbelievable"

Are there any other moments you can think of that we missed? Tell us in the comments below.