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Mandarin Pumpkins

If you love to have a lighter snack, try this fruit version of a "pumpkin." It doesn't get easier than sticking a pretzel in a mandarin and drizzling chocolate on top.

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10 Halloween Snacks So Easy to Make, You Could Do It With Your Eyes Closed

It's not really Halloween unless there are spooky snacks and delicious homemade treats laying around all the time, right? Maybe you're used to having freshly baked fudge brownies and monster cookies at home, but when you finally live on your own, that's not always possible when you have limited space (and no patience for baking). Luckily, there are a ton of festive and delicious Halloween snacks you can put together in no time that require few ingredients and minimal effort. Keep reading for 10 spooky snacks you and your friends have to try this season, and we promise - no tricks, just treats.


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