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Thanksgiving Sangria

Kick off a night with family and friends with the Thanksgiving sangria. The recipe includes white wine, cider, brandy, pumpkin butter, citrus, spices, and a splash of ginger beer. Everyone will be raving about its spicy and sweet taste.

Alert Your Friends! These 49 Thanksgiving Cocktails Belong at Every Holiday Celebration

There are countless things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, and these cocktail recipe ideas are one of them. Zesty, smoky, and oh-so-sweet, these drinks will take your filling dinner to the next level. From flavorful White Russians to apple-infused Moscow mules, cinnamon mimosas, and elaborate cranberry and apple punches - there's no shortage of drinks to try. Finish off Thanksgiving day with a maple bourbon or spiced old fashioned, and your holiday will be complete. Get ready to clear your fridge, because these 49 cocktails pair magnificently with Thanksgiving foods, including dessert. Ahead, find our favorite drink recipes to make this holiday season!

- Additional reporting by Susannah Chen


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