10 EastEnders spoilers for next week

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders will air a huge week of episodes next week, as Cindy and Ian finally return to Walford.

As Cindy faces the Knight family, tragedy strikes with Gina and Anna, and Ian struggles with his insecurities.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Cindy is back

cindy beale in eastenders

Cindy meets Peter, who takes a call from Ian. Ian demands Peter get his mum back to France.

While Peter's back is turned, Cindy heads to Albert Square in search of Kathy. Cindy is desperate not to be seen, so she has to avoid those who knew her from many years ago.

With no luck in the café, Cindy heads to No.45 to face the music.

2. Kathy gets some big shocks

kathy beale in eastenders

Kathy is rushed off her feet catering for Anna's party and sends Rocky and Bobby to the chippy to prepare.

She gets the shock of her life when Cindy turns up, and it's not long before all hell breaks loose between them.

After the shock visit from Cindy, Kathy is stunned to learn that Peter is also back in Walford. She has a heart-to-heart with Peter and is later astonished when Ian reveals Cindy's connection to the Knights.

3. George demands answers from Cindy

george knight, cindy beale and ian beale in eastenders

Ian arrives in the Square desperate to get Cindy away, but she's stopped by George, who has just exited The Vic.

While George is surprised to see Cindy, he soon hardens to learn she didn't know that he or the girls were in the Square, and she hasn't returned for them.

Cindy questions George on their daughters' whereabouts, but he lies and insists they're both in Spain.

Wanting to protect Gina and Anna, George takes Cindy to the barrel store and demands answers.

4. Cindy tries to explain herself to Gina and Anna

george knight in eastenders

Despite George's best attempts to keep Cindy away from his daughters, his plan goes awry when Linda unwittingly gives the game away.

Realising the girls are inches away, Cindy rushes into the busy pub and comes face-to-face with Anna and Gina.

As the fallout of Cindy's return sends shockwaves through Walford, she knows she has some explaining to do.

Upstairs in The Vic, Cindy desperately tries to explain herself to Gina and Anna, but are they willing to listen to what she has to say?

5. Ian struggles with his insecurities

peter beale and ian beale in eastenders

Amid all the chaos, Ian seeks solace in the laundrette.

Peter heads to Ian's side and soon realises the real reason his dad didn't want Cindy to return to the Square.

6. Gina and Anna face horror on a night out

peter beale and ian beale in eastenders

Anna and Gina confront their mum before heading to Peggy's to drown their sorrows. There, things quickly get out of hand.

George fears the worst and tries to track down the girls with Cindy. Later, he realises that his worries have come true.

7. Phil gives Ian a warning

ian beale in eastenders

Ian soon bumps into Sharon and Phil, who are shocked to see him.

Ian does his best to avoid them, but it's not long before Phil makes it clear that he wants Ian gone.

However, Sharon plucks up the courage to talk to Ian. Afterwards, Ian heads to No.45 to reunite with Kathy, who's still reeling from Cindy's arrival.

8. Bobby faces new heartbreak

bobby beale and rocky in eastenders

Bobby frets to Ian that Cindy and Anna will hate him for Lucy's death and rushes home.

He goes to Peggy's to check Anna is okay, but she heads to the chippy with Freddie instead.

Later in the week, Bobby desperately tries to make amends with Anna, but she explains that it's better they both stay friends, given the circumstances.

9. Ian finds support in Alfie

alfie moon and ian beale in eastenders

As Ian faces new enemies from his past, he does find support in his old friend Alfie.

Both Cindy and Ian are able to take refuge at Alfie's, but how long for?

10. George struggles to cope

george knight in eastenders

At the end of a very overwhelming day, George urges Cindy to leave Walford along with the Beales.

Alone for the first time, George breaks down as he struggles to process everything that has happened.

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