10 Earth Day-inspired travel experiences that will blow your mind

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To celebrate Earth Day 2022, plan an epic holiday with Tripadvisor’s 10 best sustainable travel experiences.

Two young children and a man and woman stand in a sea themed sculpture park with turtles travel.
Making sustainable choices when planning travel has never been more importan this Earth Day. Photo: Tripadvisor

Jet around the world, safe in the knowledge you will be helping preserve the environment, precious species and local communities.

Snorkel with sharks in Hawaii with One Ocean Diving - from $213 per person

One Ocean Diving is the first company in the United States and Hawaii to offer freediving with sharks without a cage.

In this experience, guests are taught what to do if a shark approaches, learn about the biology, physiology, and behaviour of sharks and other marine life, and contribute to research and conservation efforts.

A woman in a bikini and flippers swims upright in the ocean as sharks circle nearby.
A shark dive led by marine researchers trained by world renowned sharkexperts Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant. Photo: Tripadvisor

Discover Conservation Diving in Bali - from $232 per person

Conservation Diver Indonesia uses its decades of experience in marine conservation science and research to provide an insightful lesson in coral reef ecology, monitoring, coral nursery and artificial reef construction and maintenance.

You’ll learn the importance of coral reefs and the incredible work being done to rebuild reefs that have died due to global warming and dynamite fishing.

Two divers with clipboards and styluses take notes during a dive underwater.
Take a dive and plant your very own piece of coral. Photo: Tripadvisor


Have a Farm To Table Experience in Cozumel, Mexico - from $105 per person

This unique tour takes you to a beautiful traditional Mexican Farm House where you’ll get a local cooking experience from farm to table.

Learn about the local cuisine and where the ingredients come from, then participate in a hands-on cooking class, using age-old traditions to prepare local Mexican dishes made from ingredients found on the farm.

A selection of dishes and sauces in ceramic containers are arranged on a table with chairs nearby.
One of the best things you can do in a new destination is to meet the locals, eat the regional delicacies and immerse yourself in the culture. Photo: Tripadvisor

Join a volunteer program at Costa Rica Wildlife Rescue Centre - from $77 per person

Get hands-on experience caring for rescued wildlife by taking a tour and volunteer session at the Proyecto Asis rescue centre, outside of Arenal Volcano National Park.

Ideal for wildlife lovers who want to be more than just passive viewers, this combination package includes a guided tour of the refuge and the chance to prepare food for the animals.

A brightly coloured mccaw  with coloured curved beak, and black and yellow plumage.
Learn about the resident wildlife and the importance of their conservation, while helping care for them too. Photo: Tripadvisor

Bamboo raft through the rainforest and visit a sea turtle conservation centre in Khao Lak, Thailand - from $52 per person

Hop on a bamboo raft and be floated through the rainforest.

You’ll stop by a sea turtle conservation centre working to save and increase the number of sea turtles in the region and then visit Ton Pling Waterfall.

A sea turtle is pictured swimming in a pool with blue tiles.
Swim in the small ponds and enjoy the relaxing ambience and stunning scenery at the sea turtle conservatory. Photo: Tripadvisor

Join a Whale Watching Eco-Adventure from Costa Adeje, Tenerife - from $80 per person

Join biologists on a two-hour thrilling eco-adventure to respectfully observe the whales and dolphins in the Teno-Rasca Marine Protected area of Tenerife.

The boat is custom-made for whale-watching with cushioned bench seats for just 10 guests, which makes for a more intimate experience.

Small whales/dolphins breaching in bright blue water.
You’ll learn all about these majestic animals, with the opportunity to listen to whales and dolphins with a hydrophone - a special underwater microphone. Photo: Tripadvisor

Join a 12-day Great Barrier Reef Marine Conservation Program from Cairns, Australia - from $2,190 per person

In this Marine Conservation Program experience, you’ll get a mix of scuba diving with the opportunity to help monitor the health of the world’s most famous reef.

Travel to the Great Barrier Reef and become a marine conservation volunteer and official surveyor for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Authority (GBRMPA).

A diver flanked by other divers gives a hand signal to the camera as air bubbles ascend.
This is a more pricey experience but, for a 12-day adventure, we’d say it’s well worth parting with the cash. Photo: Tripadvisor

Learn about Amazonian Manatees at a Peruvian Rescue Centre - from $11 per person

Learn about animal rehabilitation efforts and check out rare species such as the Amazonian manatee on this tour of the Amazon Rescue Centre in Iquitos, Peru.

Your guide will take you through the rescue centre and explain the rehabilitation process for reptiles, monkeys, birds, and manatees.

Three manatees approach the side of a tiled pool.
You will have the chance to explore an educational walking trail in the forest at your leisure. Photo: Tripadvisor

Experience a cultural trek and homestay in Sapa, Vietnam - from $125 per person

In this two-day experience you’ll hike through the beautiful villages and mountains of Sapa, learning about the different species of herbs and trees along the way.

You’ll have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the culture and community, staying at your guide’s home in the rice paddies, with incredible views, thanks to ETHOS, an award-winning social impact organisation.

A woman in traditional attire walks on a path through a rice paddy in a Vietnamese valley with mountains in the background.
ETHOS has a long track record of supporting ethnic minority communities by empowerment through sustainable, ethical tourism. Photo: Tripadvisor

Take inspiration from a sustainable city with a tour of Copenhagen - from $50 per person

The tour is targeted to groups and individuals who have an interest in sustainability, and want to learn more about how cities and individuals interact to protect people and the planet, while experiencing some of the best Copenhagen has to offer.

You’ll learn about some of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions such as aviation, food diets and food waste, the fashion industry and car transport and energy.

A group of six cyclists stand next to their bikes with a bus in the background and a heritage Copenhagen building.
Discover the actions individuals and cities can take to lower their climate footprints. Photo: Tripadvisor

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