This 1-Ingredient Swap Takes Banana Pudding to Potluck Hall of Fame

The no-bake dessert just got even better.



Is it just us, or is banana pudding making a major comeback this summer? No, it never went out of style, necessarily. But it’s dominating the dessert scene like it's the summer of 1944.

Personally, I had three kinds of banana pudding just over the Fourth of July weekend alone (and, sure, I live in the South, but that has to be a new record).

If our hunch is correct, it makes total sense. Banana pudding is a timeless favorite—easy to make, easy to serve, and always delivering a full dose of comfort. While everyone loves the classic icebox treat, there’s a simple way to take the traditional dessert over the top. It only requires a single ingredient swap, and it’s so small, you won’t even have to shop a separate aisle.


The Easiest Upgrade For Banana Pudding

Here’s the backstory: Recently, I was at a neighborhood potluck where someone brought a banana pudding for dessert. But this banana pudding wasn’t your average offering—it ended up being the talk of the evening. Everybody was raving over the simple yet genius twist that made it one of the most flavorful old-fashioned desserts they’d ever had.

So, what was the spin? Instead of Nilla wafers, it used Nutter Butters.

Nutter Butters—the tasty peanut butter sandwich cookies you used to find in your lunchbox or snack on after school. If you’re like me, it’s been years, maybe even decades, since you’ve eaten one. But, as it turns out, they add the most irresistible, nostalgic flavor to the crowd-favorite treat: peanut butter.

The classic, crunchy cookies give the dessert the same body and structure as Nilla wafers, but add in a whole new dimension with the rich and salty peanut butter flavor. It’s a fun play on the beloved peanut butter and banana combo (PB&B), and it works just as well as a bite of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream. Salty and sweet, crunchy and creamy—who could resist?

How to Make Nutter Butter Banana Pudding

Making this cooking swap couldn’t be simpler. Everything else about your regular recipe can stay the same, whether you usually make your pudding from scratch or from a boxed mix, top it with whipped cream or brûléed meringue. The only change is that however you would normally incorporate vanilla wafer cookies—layered, stacked, or crumbled—use Nutter Butters in their place.

Pop your 9x13 dessert in the fridge to stay chilled until it’s time to serve, and then wait for your crowd to be shocked by the secret new flavor. The familiar comfort of creamy pudding combined with the unexpected twist of peanut butter cookies will have everyone coming back for seconds (maybe even thirds).

So, the next time you’re in charge of dessert, try this easy ingredient swap, and your banana pudding will surely outshine the rest.

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