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Pour the Wine Into a Freezer-Safe Container

Once you've poured the wine into a container, seal it with plastic wrap (or a lid) before putting it in the freezer. Wine oxidizes quickly, so you want to keep the nectar of the gods protected from air. And when choosing a container, remember this: the wider the surface area, the faster the wine will freeze. Keep that in mind if you need frozen wine ASAP . . . well, within a few hours.

This 1-Ingredient Rosé Slushie Recipe Is Exactly What Your Summer Nights Need

We love a good cocktail any time of year, but when warmer days roll around and the sun shines just a little bit longer, we find ourselves craving something . . . cooler (literally). And while there are frozen margaritas and even Frosé to enjoy, one thing we haven't seen is just straight-up Rosé, frozen and transformed to a slush without the syrupy additions. After all, you don't add sugar packets to a glass of wine, right? (If you do, we need to talk.) Plus, we just love turning our favorite drinks into slushies (hello, White Claw slushies!). Life's just more fun that way. To make this delicious Rosé slushie, keep reading for a step-by-step guide. Your backyard happy hours will never be the same!


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