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Trader Joe's La Granja Rosé ($5)

We wanted to love this Rosé - I mean, look at that flamingo label - but it didn't go over so well. With zero complexity and a strong alcohol aftertaste, it was like drinking a glass of boozy water. Editors compared it to "cheap grapes," "flat soda water," and - my personal favorite - "armpits."

The Ultimate Ranking of Trader Joe's Rosés Under $6

There are countless ways to get your Rosé fix, from Rosé cocktails to Rosé-flavored strawberries, but nothing beats a good bottle - especially when it's under $6! Trader Joe's has an impressively large assortment of affordable Rosé, but deciding which bottle to choose can be tricky. Our editors took one for the team and taste-tested five Rosés from Trader Joe's that cost less than $6. Turns out, there was a clear winner. Check out the different bottles we tried - ranked from worst to tastiest - and discover our top pick at the end!

Prices and products may vary by Trader Joe's location.

- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


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