This $1.25 Dollar Tree Find Is ‘Perfect for Organizing So Many Things'

Shoppers are ordering it by the case.

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dollar tree

We love a Dollar Tree find, especially when it’s versatile. Take the "snackle box” that transforms a tackle box into the perfect snack container or those collapsible bins that can hold anything from craft supplies to groceries. Now, Dollar Tree has another must-have storage item that can be used all around the house—plus it still comes with that super low price tag we know and love from the brand.

Dollar Tree’s Translucent Plastic Food Storage Boxes

<p>Dollar Tree/Allrecipes</p>

Dollar Tree/Allrecipes

Dollar Tree recently released Translucent Plastic Food Storage Boxes with Clip-Lock Lids and fans can’t get enough of them. At just $1.25 for a pack of two, we can see why. These storage boxes come in your choice of green, grey, or red. The click-lock lids make for a super secure seal so you can transport food without worrying about leaks or spills.

Customers say these are the “best small storage boxes I've found,” that they are “such a useful size and they snap closed very securely.”

While some add that these food storage boxes are “perfect for meal prepping,” many others have found these to be “perfect for organizing so many things” besides food. One commenter said “I use them for quarters at the laundromat,” and another said they use one container for “soap bars” and “another container had Tide Pods for laundry.”

No matter what you intend to use these storage boxes for, it's best to get to your nearest store now to nab them while you can. They’ve sold out in the past and many customers have begged the company to “bring them back.” Now they are here but with customers saying they order by the case, we’re not sure for long they’ll last.

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